Emotion is gone…

No, no, that sounds too depressing,

Common sense has ceased to exist. No, that sounds to preachy.

Well, something is seriously wrong with the ignorant obelisks of practicality

The erudite blessings of life have sifted through the Grand Canyon of our palms

And simply vanished like phantoms in the dusk’s fog.

We’d rather take shovelfuls of spite exploiting judgmental executioners 

And spewed-up absinthe from the bile tundra of  our mouths by the gallons

Than enjoy the tender songs of skylarks and the pianissimo of rain baptizing the ground.

Where’s the time to walk around the green waves of parks where

Labradors frolic freely and family’s festivities are filled with fond memories

That sway you like the sea with Poseidon’s blessing and calming winds?

When during the perpetual turning of hourglasses can we yawp

"I’m more than adequately content with myself"?

Let us clamber to the mountain tops and boom in the simple joy that we’re alive?

Instead of following the so-called lives of “celebrities” and clamoring cacophonies of phony clams not even with sand inside them.

We need gallivanting grey minds that chase after their desires not Kamikaze 

Frontal lobes being catalysts for all the wrong reasons as we watch the seasons fly

While we remain stagnant and motionless as a statue in a catacomb with a toga of cobwebs…

But what do I know seeing as how I’m just some kid that has been alive

Just long enough to know nothing because: I’m standing under understanding

Trying to stop the reprimanding, but society’s expectations are just too damn demanding

And instead of all the handing out that should be all about we crash and burn

Until our turn has pushed us into fates of urn. But where’s the volta? Could’ve told ya’,

But you closed me like some folder and refused to see inside 

So day by day you slowly died, and in turn you missed importance,

Now you’re stuck with mass impotence, threw the potion, falling motion

All you needed was devotion… 

You realized, the place to hide, really lied, in your thoughts of nonexistence 

Yet so insistent, and trust me I admire persistence, but until you can finally see

Into the beauty of transparency, your shackles won’t be unlocked by the key

Of freedom and eternity.

  04/15/12 at 05:25am

So it goes

Got a song in my heart but it don’t come out right

Everything I’m trying to mend breaks

I can’t even kick a pebble into the right direction

She says “That doesn’t makes sense he’s too old”

I told her “He doesn’t have anything going for him

Here” as usual she looks to the dog and makes this

About him too saying “The dog makes no sense”

I told her “the dog makes more sense then you”

Imperative worries of strangers

And their opinions that dominate her life

All which are just about as real as the relationships

I truly have in this life

But time doesn’t makes sense

And neither do I

Always tired and mumbling

Once and a while get the words right

Maybe if I’m lucky I won’t spend

All the money in my account

To buy me a nice warm burrito

My soul and stomach seem to be

Long lost brothers with the same dreams

And my loins, that some other thing entirely

Acting up each day like he’s a patient

With a brain tumor and only a few hours

To live

And there’s only a few people who

Can do that correctly

Maybe Eliot was right

We all have seen the moment of our greatness flicker

While death is beckoning us and he snickers

Any sort of optimism slowly dies

Impaled on a Drake’s stake going down slower

Than the dance of the dead

Thermodynamics says that all energy

Slowly decays and loses it entirety

Fading and fading and fading

Until carbon dating says how long

Is left and you’re still all alone

God I hate that mumbo jumbo

Nonsense BS blam blam

Gobbledy gook of yam headed

Pigged feet scribbles that are

The phantoms in my head 

  03/14/12 at 09:47pm


Things are cold

Like a 6 pack of glass beer in the freezer

And I can’t even enjoy it.

Everything’s some fleeting notion that I 

Don’t have enough power to make into a concept

that would wishfully want to become an idea

destined to dream to be a dream and anything serene

Moon babbles on the foreground of my souls nonexistent whatever

It’s nothing too special but a pyramid of words just waiting to

be toppled over by the body builder of an arm that is anything pertaining to

reality, which in turn is most often noted with calamity

followed by insanity and the hills you fallen from make you just whimper

at the climb you have to make

but at least there’s always a way back up.

I can’t find a gun for the fun I might try to spread around

turning everything each which way upside down

brown can be associated with a crown

but doing this and reading this makes me a clown

frown all over my body and that’s what it’s doing

hounding me and all that I see but must be

above it all while maintaining a strong dexterity and demeanor

Where are all the laughs I had promised to others and to myself

it’s probably just an exaggeration of my “problems”

and not my mental health…

  02/27/12 at 10:45pm
(via la-mort-meduses, sofapizza)

(via la-mort-meduses, sofapizza)


  02/22/12 at 12:38am

~ simpin ass nigga~
~niggas is not gon fuck tho~
~ol tryna make bitches feel good about themselves ass nigga~
~ol i just wanna be friends ass nigga~
~ol nice to all the bitches but gets no love ass nigga~

ROFL!! Fucking Cedric.


~ simpin ass nigga~

~niggas is not gon fuck tho~

~ol tryna make bitches feel good about themselves ass nigga~

~ol i just wanna be friends ass nigga~

~ol nice to all the bitches but gets no love ass nigga~

ROFL!! Fucking Cedric.

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  02/22/12 at 12:29am

Clinging To Your Sanity

Solid yet amorphous

Shifting in and out of focus

Willing but discouraged 

Lost in his young age

A walking contradiction…

Romantic yet surrounded by darkness

(No that doesn’t make me Gothic)

Attempted lighthouse but I have to get the bulb fixed

Maybe all should just be dismissed

Temporarily elevated, permanent escalator…

Complex to understand, too lazy to solve

Wants to endure like a diamond, but like salt dissolves

Hoping for the hopeless, attempted lifter of the down

But he’s covered in and mouth is full with the shit on the ground

Trying to stay in order, but the prefix attached is -dis…

  02/19/12 at 11:31pm

To The Girl I Can’t Have

A fool who wants what he never seems to grasp

Black and white contrast, in shit but wants to be in fertile grass,

Making constant attempts, yet never mastered, ending up in disaster when chasing after

Whimsical creatures who make men gasp and clasp their chests, always on the spot where love seems to rest

~The cosmic and shapely 20-something year old who’s fish-line eyes drew me in unsuspectingly. Who gave my heart a start and that Western feeling…     Enticing. Fulfilling. Purposeful. Nostalgic. Real.~

Soon his brain will focus on the girl he simply finds flawless

Wants a kiss from the miss that is so damn gorgeous

To hear her say “Hello!” and followed by “I missed…”

Storing times to reminisce, hoping times spent isn’t pissed 

Away, being led astray with your childish thoughts seem to cloud your mind

Self-inflicted gas grenades of Nitrous Oxide #9

Wanting to be missed and kissed and how you’ll always wish

While your mind floating hopelessly and aimless; adrift

~You said “Always be rational and don’t get caught up in emotion”, but this time it’s different. I swear. I know better. She’s different. This is different. And so am I. So much wiser.~

We would hang around each other and I’d make you laugh, and when I drove around last night I almost crashed

Because I thought about yesterday and how it was just a such a blast that I had jolted feeling; like being struck by lighting while on top of the Chrysler building

I need a witness, is she an actress? Can this really be? Cause I sure as shit know I haven’t done LSD.

The possibility, that she may L-I-K-E, some dude like me. This is just like my cousin’s football team; fantasy. 

But the question in my head still remains the same

"Should I progress really fast or wait for things to grow like mane?"

I just want to make you mine and for things to stay the same.

Picturing your irises in my brain, it’s driving me insane… 

Capture those cherished embraces, smiles, and laughs for I guarantee they will not stay and only chaff

Ghosts of the past will pirate and crash in your pink and grey dock and cause only backlash leaving nothing but ash

They were wolves in disguise causing only woe and brought the wildebeest of whys? 

~I opened up and closed off my sense of reality. I’m just a kid and you’re so much more. It didn’t matter how much we had in common or if you liked me or if we had kissed, things just didn’t go in my favor and all I can do is savor what you left me. The reminder that eventually, I will find her and that I’m not just a spazz. 

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  02/19/12 at 08:03pm

This is old…

Like old old old. Ye Olde Yore old. So don’t be trippin’…

  02/19/12 at 07:57pm

Some how accumulated followers without posting anything.

By some crazy act of nonsense, thanks.

  01/19/12 at 12:40am

Successfully memorized Hamlet’s famous “To be or not to be” speech.

Striving for that Best Actor award tomorrow. 

  01/13/12 at 01:01am